Tuesday, September 16, 2008

कारवी फुलली ... finally!

About 2 years back i had got some Karvi plants home from a trekking excursion in the Sahyadris as an experiment to try & get it to grow in Pune..
It had long been my dream to get Karvi to grow on the Tekdi Slopes in Pune & play the same role they do all over the Sahyadris...

At my home I have had a kind of Rock Garden where plant all kinds of plants i get from my trekking excursions.. To date i have been able to grow quite a wide array of species here..

But frankly speaking i was pretty apprehensive about getting Karvi to grow there.. As i had heard a lot of people say that it was pretty difficult. So i thrilled when the plants started getting new shoots..

So when a month ago i saw buds i was actually jumping up & down with Joy!

Punyat karvi!