Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Open Source Survey : What works best in Internet Marketing today !

So Here i am with a completely different blog post again. No wonder no one really follows my Blogs as i am quite unable to follow any set theme!

Anyways let me come to the point!

I am doing a survey ( This is for My Management Report btw ) on 'What works best In Internet marketing today' . So I had to do this report on short notice & collect a lot of primary Data.

So i thought since i have to do it anyways, why not collaborate on the survey as a small super mini Open Source project to find the most impacting Internet marketing tools today.
So here it is !

Help me spread the word & get in as much data in as possible & i will release the results  to everyone who wants to use them :)

Survey On What works best in Internet Marketing today
 Take the survey. Spread the word
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