Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweet your Business !

The biggest advantage of using a media like twitter is that it keeps all the interested parties involved on a per second basis. News is said to travel fast, but using media like twitter it can really blaze across.

But in order to be effectively use this medium, it is necessary to build a large following for the accounts that will be used by the company for 'tweeting'. The best way to build a good following of people is by providing Quality content that your target market is interested in.

What should be your strategy ?

A. Build up a following

  1. Schedule regular tweet casts ( Information bits about a specific subject) which are relevant to your target audiences. These should be promoted through tweets & other media so that you can get a good following by even just promoting them.

  2. Tweet Retweetable stuff!
  3. Follow Quality tweeters.

  4. Make sure you don't post anything that will make you detriment your stature among the twitters.

  5. Let all your customers know that you tweet & invite them to follow you.

  6. Also build a following of re tweeters !

B. What to tweet & how to tweet

  1. Announce anything & everything that will get you more traffic & event better conversions.

  2. Twitter is a great place to offer Promo codes & promotions. They travel blazingly fast.

  3. Announce your products, do tweet casts of their features & benefits.

  4. Promote your blogs on twitter, in fact promote your site, sites that you made, sites that you use your extensions on twitter.

  1. Tweet about others at least as much as you Tweet about yourself.

  2. Make sure that your marketing efforts on Twitter engage in conversation

  3. Live updates on events or conferences

C. What else should be done ?

  1. Monitor your company / brand on Twitter : Services like will allow you to do that.

  2. Another good idea might be to monitor your competition as well.

Have some more ideas ? Any new sites like tweetbeep that you know of ? Do comment to let me & others know.