Monday, January 3, 2011

An Appeal to All Family & Friends to Support my fanatical need to Trek :) - A humble appeal of a person affected by "Trekkomania"

Note : To be read keeping in mind that this is an attempt at humor, although my need to trek is very much serious .. as i say below, an obsession. Also a big thank you to everyone who has been anyways supporting me till now without me asking them to.. in everything i have sought to do...including trekking. It would have been impossible to pursue this hobby without your support.

On 21st December 2010..I turned 27 years old. It came as pretty much a shock..especially as i hadn't quite realized it till then. Well let me come straight to the point.. As i you all might know i have an obsession for trekking.. be it the Sahyadris or the Himalayas..

There are over 350 forts in Maharashtra alone & you'll agree thats a lot of ground to cover  . A lot of these forts are far away & it takes a minimum of 2 days to get to them. So... the only option left is to trek on long weekends & we only have the 2nd & 4th Saturdays off .. so thats the only time i can really use to complete these treks.

With that as the background i wish to make a Humble appeal to all family & friends. Please please please !!! pretty please :) schedule all family events, Get togethers, meet ups etc either on weekdays or short weekends if possible  as i dont want to miss out on either the treks or get togethers :)

Well in general the point of this blog is that Trekking should be given atleast as much a priority as other reasons "normal" people might have !

Thanks everyone for your support ! If you have similar symptoms know some one who needs help, join our Facebook Group :

More Blogs about the Trekkomania disease, symptoms etc to follow.

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