Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vote Bank Politics in India - Caste in Census forms - Time to put an end to it

I am not the best informed person in this field.. But hey i have the right to my opinion.. So i guess i will express it.

The Indian Census process that is currently ongoing was rebooted recently as the Government passed a resolution to add two new columns in the form.. These being "Caste" & "Religion"... which have always been the great Divides in India since ages..

For years the great thinkers & cultural revolutionaries have fought to bridge these divides.. Why even the Indian constitution was written with this in mind.. But over the years political big wigs have kept fueling these divides to fuel their political ambitions & stay in power.. The religious/caste related  riots that have happened in India to date have their root cause in this.

I can understand that you need to understand the stature & status of a "class" of people in order to do development tasks for them.. But does this "classing" of people need to be on a redundant system like the Caste system ? Why cant it simply be on the basis of economics or the economic stature of the people ?

With this, I feel the seeds of dissent that were sown with the so called "Reservations" for various people are simply coming a full circle. I am ok with Economic reservations, scholarships & what not.. But do we really need the reservations based on Caste now ?

I am even ok if you do need to have reservations for the betterment of certain sections of the society.. But do they have to call themselves of a certain class or religion to do that ?

What kind of secularism is that ? Isnt it basically unconstitutional even.. ( Assuming the constitution still says that !)

I have decided to Protest against this hideous "Classing" of the Indian population.. Its really close to the Nazis classing the Jews separately.. Next they's want certain classes to carry ID cards.. Whatever next !

Me including my family have decided to opt out of filling these columns. Options are to either right a "-" against them or write "Indian"  against it..

I implore you to join me in this. Its time we did something to change this. The "Re Census" is simply a way for all the Political parties to get a amazing survey carried out of their vote banks & make it easy for them to sow further seeds of dissent.  Lets wake up & smell the coffee..