Sunday, October 30, 2011

Biking it in Kokan

Very rough draft of a trek 3 yrs ago

26th to 30th October/ November 2011

6 15 Start
7 20 bfast at shirwal
11 30 kolhapur
1 00 start post lunch

7 30 reach vijaydurg
9 30 govt resthouse

Visit vijaydurga 730 to 11
11 start on to yashwantgad
2 on to ambolgad
4 lunch at adivre
6 30 reach purnagad stay in a temple just below the fort

8 30 start for pavas
9 00 Bfast there
10 00 ratnadurga
1 00 matsyalay tilak

Visited relatives and then on to Appya's farm house where Apporv, Mithali and Brandy had already arrived. Torrential downpour enroute.

Joined there ar night by few other friends Shiva, Pournima, Hrishikesh and Vishakha.

Next day we went to Jaygad but couldt not locate Vijaygad there. 

The next morning it was pack up and back to Pune via an awesome ghat near Koynanagar.