Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kardai chi Bhaji - Pith Perun

Couldn't find this recipe online so thought i'd post it. Writing it now as wifey prepares it :-)

You are going to need some extra oil for this one. Take oil in a pan , add Mohri, garlic, onion and fry till its red. Next fry the cut Kardai leaves in it. Cover the pan till the leaves get cooked. Mash the leaves well. Add Sat, jaggery for taste , Amsul (dried salted kokam.This adds a sour taste). Add chilly powder.

Now add Dalicha Pith (dried gram powder) in it, add a little water and cook well.

Make a Phodni of Lasun and whe red chilies and add on the Bhaji before serving.


Leena said...

Measurement of ingredients please.
Loved that you used words like mohari, lasun, amsul!

Parth Lawate said...

Will update on the measurements soon.. But its mostly 'Andaj' ;) Just wrote it this morning off the phone as Himangi was getting instructions from my mom, Dad , her Dad !!

As for the words.. just got lazy to write both Marathi & English versions of the names.. Guess will just link to Tarla Dalal's glossary to let ppl figure it out !