Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats Google got against Linux ?

What with all this plus loads of features like Offline Gmail, Canned responses etc. coming out in such a time span Google definitely seems on the roll. But i have one major complaint with Google, which promises to 'Do no Evil' & support Open Source technologies to the hilt, is that when it comes to rolling out its features it certainly does a lot of 'evil' by not giving linux systems higher priority.

Several of its features & products like Google Desktop, Gtalk, Video in Chat etc etc either dont run on linux or do so with extremely limited features. Some like Picasa need Wine to run.

I can understand that many of its clients are on Windows or macs. But just think if Google would roll out features on Linux first & then roll them out on other Os's a year or so later how many people would be using the other Os's..

Yes they do fund a lot of Open Source work, support Linux & are a licensee of the Open Invention Network (OIN) but still when it comes to their own products Linux fares much lower than other operating systems..

Google please please please give Linux as high if not higher priority !

People please comment on this & show support for this cause.. Hopefully we can move google to notice atleast!

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Vijay Barve said...

Yes I agree with you you. It could be number game though, when it comes to making products available, whatever you say Win and Mac user base is higher on desktops than Linux and any product Google rolls out, hey want to hit it to the masses.

Parth Lawate said...

Ya but as i said think of the reverse effect Linux usage would have if say Google rolled out Google Docs to linux users & maybe 3 months later to others! I Hope they can Do that for alt least some new things they have up their sleeves !!