Monday, June 15, 2009

How Weddings Begin

In my case, this did not happen... but traditionally the parents of the bride or groom to be, will start looking for suitable suitors for their child. Profiles of the would be groom or bride will be created at 'Wadhuwar Suchak Mandals' ( Matchmakers ) both online & offline, close relatives will be notified & subtle hints dropped here & there that 'we are looking' ..

Once some suitors have been short listed, arranged dates (for which the would be bride & groom are accompanied by their respective parents & sometimes close relatives as well & which are usually held at one of their homes ) are setup. This is known as a 'Chaha Pohe Karyakram' ( As traditionally Tea & Poha- A popular food item are served). A string of such dates take place before the match is made.

Sakharpuda or the Ring Ceremony

Once the couple is finalised, an engagement ceremony takes place this is known as Sakharpuda. This in our case was almost a mini marriage since even close people from both sides came to 300+ !

More info about traditions & ceremonies in a typical Wedding in Pune, Maharashtra :

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