Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Wedding : 16th June 2009 - My Blogs about it...

I am gonna get married on the 16th of this month.. A lot of people have expressed interest about what an Indian Wedding is all about. So i decided to blog & twit about it as & when i can get some time out from the ceremonies..

First the basics..

Who's the Guy ?
Thats me , Parth Lawate
Who's the Gurl ?
That would be Himangi Chhatre

We got engaged on 28th Dec an year & half back.

Now India is big country with a lot of religions with plenty of regional variations. So what you will see here is a typical wedding taking place at Pune, Maharashtra. Now with weddings in India one of the most important things is a huge number of ceremonies that accompany the wedding & a huge amount of food with very diverse menus.

This is what i have planned for this blog series.. Lets see how it goes..

1. Traditional Way of 'Setting up' the wedding ( The arranged method ) . Since i met the girl directly & we ended up falling in love..its a Love marraige.. but this is how it would go by the traditional route.

2. Pre Marraige Ceremonies & Planning & Shopping..Loads of it !

3. The Marraige Ceremonies ( This would consitute live blogging when possible with photos)

4. Post Marraige Ceremonies

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