Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Squeezing the juice out of my nokia 3110c

With smart phones becoming common place, nokia too has changed its strategy. Even lower range Phones like the C3 now come with great business features like push mail, chat and a nice qwerty keypad.

 I have been attracted to smart phones for quite some time now but have resisted buying one. The main reason being that none of the phones are really open. I want to wait till there is a affordable phone on the market that lets you change the os to whatever you want say in the 15k range. Shouldn't be hard considering that you can get a net book at that price and fully use it as a phone by adding a data card. T

here are some phones running ubuntu & meebo available.. But they are too costly as of now. So till that happens i am squeezing all the juice i can out of my nokia 3110C.

I have added a host of apps to it to make it in as near a smart phone as possible for this basic piece of hardware and restricted and old os.

For browsing the web, i use opera mini 4. Sadly the new ver5 with tabbed browsing does not work on this phone. For email, i use gmail's mobile app which allows me to configure multiple email accounts.. Even google apps accounts.

The only issue with this is that i cant send attachments but i just use opera when i need to do that. I also have a nifty qr code reader app that works as well as on any smart phone. I have a variety of games setup when i need to while away time while waiting for someone. Whats more i can read on the web too!

The only app i havent been able to find is a pdf book reader. So i just use another app that of convert and package e books as jar files. So all in all, my current needs seem to be pretty much fulfilled.

In fact even this blog is written using the same phone!

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