Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trek to Bhivgad alias Bhimgad

I'd been planning to visit this fort for almost 3 weeks but due to some or the other reason it ended up getting postponed.

Finally we decided to head to Bhivgad on the 26th of jan 2011 which was an holiday on account of the republic day of India. When we started out by Sinhagad express, at 6 in the morning from Shivajinagar, there were 6 of us- Pranav, Aditya, Dnyanesh, Vishal, Himangi & myself.

After we got out at Karjat, I got a call from Ashish, that himself, Mayur & Gaurav were at Khopoli & needed directions to Peth fort( Kothaligad) . I told them that we were headed to Bhivgad & asked he they wanted to join us. They agreed & we decided to directy meet at Gaur Kamath the base village.

We walked to the right from the railway station to the bridge where one can get a rick to the base village @10 rs per seat. We reached the base village at around 9 30. The other gang joined us in a few mins and we started up at around 10. The route starts just opp the tea shop near the rickshaw stand.

The route starts climbing up from the right of the maruti temple and climbs the spur of the mountain. After a climb of about 15 mins the route traverses to the left till we come to rock but steps but into the mountain on the right. Climbing up from here we come across 2 caves built into the wall on our right. The first cave is full of hundreds of bats & their smell is overpowering.

There is a small idol of some deity outside this cave. To the left is another cave which is smaller but free of bats. From this point on there are rock cut steps and the path moves quickly to the fort top. At the top of the steps it seems like we have reached the fort top but its still a little way from here.

On this small plateau there is a water tank which has potable water. Walking a little ahead we come across a depression that needs to be crossed to in up the main fort. On the top, there are 2 water tanks of which one is dry and the water in the other isnt good. There is a large plinth of some old structure at the top.

The top offers a fabulous view of the route to Dhak fort, the base mountain of which towers high behind Bhivgad. The climb to the top takes about 45 mins. Its a short trek and ideally it would be a good idea to club the trek to Bhivgad with a trek to Dhak.

We were back at Karjat by around 2 30 and on our way back to Pune by the 4 10 Sinhagad express.

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