Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The anti corruption movement heats up in Pune - Photos from Pune

The people have taken to the streets in Pune and all over India to support the anti corruption movement led by Anna Hazare

The Tricolor flies with new found vigor in the Anti Corruption rallies across India. The Youth are rediscovering the meaning of freedom, patriotism & democracy..

The people sitting for fasting in the night batch 8 pm in the night to 8 am in the morning..

Everyone sports "Anna Caps" & Fight corruption TShirts. People from all walks of life join hands to fight corruption which threatens the country.

Its all about Patriotism here as the crowd joins in singing Patriotic songs.

Ghoshna ani Jai Jai kar.. Its the first time for many as India experiences its first Revolution since freedom.

The crowd joins in to Sing Vande Mataram at the Balgandharva Chowk in Pune


ITDonkey said...

Does the Government care? No.
Will we keep seething with this much anger till the next election? No.

I bet the "Con"gress government is watching all this with nothing but mild amusement.

Parth Lawate said...

I am sure the government doesnt care about people.. But they will have to care about their "Kursi" which is bound to be threatened..

This agitation could easily turn into Non Cooperation which i suppose would be "Unconstitutional"

I hope the govt is more sensible & doesnt let it go too far..