Friday, August 12, 2011

Beed osmanabad latur forts trek - day one blogging on the go

Its the 12th of August and the 6 of us ar waiting for the hired Tavera to pick us up. This year 15th August - India's independance day has come on a Monday giving us a nice to day long weekend owing to which we have planned to visit the forts in the Beed,Osmanabad & Latur regions. Its been a bit of a hard decision planning this effective 'tour' of mostly land forts so far away from our favourite Sahyadris but then getting this much time in such an apt season for this region would have been harder.

There are 6 of us on this trip - Ashwin,Manali, Darshan, Pranav, Himangi & myself. The plan for day 1 is to travel towards Ambejogai via Nagar road and our first stop will be Dharur fort which is enroute.  Next we shall be going on to Ambejogai and visit the Gadhi of Dharmapuri and if time permits go on to visit the fort of Udgir.

We entered the Beed district at about 4 am in the morning and just a little outside the town of Jamkhed, we saw groups of boys jogging at pretty regular intervals which was pretty puzzling. More updates will follow in upcoming posts !

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