Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogging from my new Samsung Galaxy Pro

So finally after squeezing all the juices out of my old Nokia 3110c I have got my self a smartphone.

Though I was able to just about get things I needed most done using the 3110c, of late the gmail app on it had become unbearably slow and the phone itself had got some physical damange on my trip to Periyar in Feb.

When Pinakin got himself a Galaxy, I got a chance to really properly use android and be sure that it would work for me. I was definitely sure I wanted a phone with a QWERTY keypad since I mainly wanted it for email on the go. So a touch and type was the best choice. This narrowed down the phones available greatly making my decision way easier. Next the thing to look at while buying an android is the processor speed. The galaxy pro was the only phone at that point with a 800 mhz processor which was much faster than most phones in my budget and the qwerty factor. I jumped on to the internet & found that I could get this 10k priced phone for just 8500 on flipcart. A couple of days after I got the phone my wife announced that this was her aniversary gift and that she had already transfered the money to my bank ! How awesome is that :-)

The phone is pretty awesome for the cost it comes at.

- Nice large screen with android running in landscape mode
- Awesome keypad. Very easy to type with
- Android 2.2
- Decent battery life 

- Screen resolution is pretty low
- No multi touch so so pinch zoom
- not found any custom roms for this phone yet 
- haven't been able to get auto complete to work with the hardware keypad.

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