Monday, August 15, 2011

Udaigiri fort - Udgir , Latur

We started from Latur for Udgir at 8 30 in the morning. Udaigiri fort lies in the town of Udgir - 65 kms from Latur.

The fort is surrounded by a large moat and we have to cross a bridge to enter the fort. From here going to the right there is the Samadhi of Udgir Maharaj after whom the town is named. There is a large water tank in which there is a cave on one side inside which there is a Shivling. To get to this cave one has to walk through knee deep water.

Now on to the fort. Walking from the entrance through a series of doors we enter a courtyard.

There are quite a few buildings inside the fort in decent condition but almost all walls having old lime plaster have been spoiled by miscreants writing their names on them. In fact its hard to find a place without them. The upper floor of the building on the right has some beautiful artwork.

At the top of this building on the bastion there is the 'Surya' tof (canon). In the courtyard there is a tank in the shape of a flower. On one side there is a building which seems to be the highest point and has a good view. In general there are a lot of ruins of old mahals in pretty good condition. These are all pretty similar in design. At some placess you can also find some underground chambers.

We took about 2 hours to see the entire fort and were back in Latur by 2 30.

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