Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Attempt to Build on Pune's Hills..

Please take a moment to Read this. I wouldn't be mailing if this wasn't serious.
Eight long years go..  In January 2003, articles started appearing in papers about the Government's plan to Allow construction on the Hills of Pune. This wasn't the first time that the very Identity of Pune, Its Hills - the Lungs of the city had been threatened. But this time the very idea that all the Hills around Pune - the only haven from the concrete jungle that Pune was becoming would now be engulfed by construction sent a shiver through our young minds.

Just out of our Junior college, freshly optimistic about everything - our group of friends had started some work at the Law College Hill with the intention to green the barren slopes of Hills in & around Pune.  We were practically kids then. And this was a kids innocent idea that all the Hills around Pune should be covered with Lush forests. A future with Pune covered in concrete was not something that appealed to us and so we decided to do something about it.. As simple as that..

This news about the Government's decision came as a rude shock to us. And with that began a Mass movement starting with an Email campaign that reached over 18000 people across the globe. Soon this Green fire spread to the roads,streets, schools, colleges, offices.. All the NGOs, individuals came together &  and finally more than 90,000 people of Pune registered their protests against this Development.

The Movement was a great success and the government deciding to listen to the People's voice, Passed a Green Development plan where Pune was destined to get a Biodiversity Park on its Hills. It was a great moment for all those involved. It had a great impact on our young minds. We, in our own city were able to be agents on change and could actually experience democracy at work.

Another Attempt to Kill the Hills !

Now our CM Mr. Chavan has sparked the fire once again threatening once again to concretize Pune's Hills. Reasons given are to the effect that the Government is incapable of Preventing Slums from springing up in these areas and the that the funds needed for this are too high. Most of the Political parties are doing their usual See Saw in opinions and are at this point supporting the 4% construction.

The same politicians that took advantage of the strong support to the Green movement 8 years ago and used the platform to make their speeches are now talking a different language. There are exceptions to this and without taking names on either side, we have utmost respect for the people who have stood their grounds.

Politicians will be politicians and you cant expect anything from them unless it means a vote. So its time once again for us .. as common citizens of Pune to take up the cause. This is our City and we have to Live here . Our children have to live here. Will you just stand back and watch a few People with tons of money and vested interests make a mess out of our City ? Wake up people and smell the Coffee .. or should i rather say the Smoke ?

A Government or rather series of governments that have shown superb consistency in their ineptitude in being able to tackle the cities problems are now threatening to take away our identity. Our Tekdi's.. our Hills. Wake up people and Join us as we try to save our Cities future.. For Us, For you and For the generations to come.

Even a child understands this. Will someone make our Politicians listen up ? Here i produce a poem written by a 4th Standard student during the first DP campaign.

A poem inspired by the "Deadly Plan" DP which threatens to destroy Pune's ecology.

Save the hills

The municipal corporation, you better watch out!
And let your hopes not mount.
We want the hills as they are,
Not filled with brick cement and tar!

To crowd the hils don't you dare,
Cause that will be more than we can bear.
Don't you slash at any tree,
And don't you dare disagree.

We want the hills, we want the trees,
And to sway around them a gentle breeze.
We want you to understand our cause,
And leave each hill as it was.

Mukta Patil,  STD VI, Gurukul.

We are not asking you to do any Social Work people.. Do it.. For yourself..
How can you Help Save the Hills ?
    • Help the Email Chain. Forward this to everyone you can. Even Spam might be worth it
    • Sign the Online Petition
    • Join the Online Cause
    • Promote this on Social Networks and help make people aware about the Dire situation
    • Join the Citizens' Rally on the 26th of November ( Details below)
    • Download and Print this Objection Form and Collect Signatures from people you know Offline

Date: Saturday 26th November
Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Place to gather: Outside the Fergusson College Main Gate. From here the Rally will move (walk/cycle) to Sambhaji Park via Goodluck Chowk and JM Road


Panchvati-Paradise said...

Parth, that was good, and the poem rocks.

Parth Lawate said...

Thanks Bhanu !

That poem was received from a 4th Standard student when we last did the campaign to save the Hills. What kids can see .. these Adults are turning a blind eye to..