Thursday, November 20, 2014

Android lollipop update error or breaking ? Here's one reason and solution..

Finally the #lollipop update arrived for my #google #nexus5 yesterday.. Yaaa !

I had already sideloaded it on the nexus7 tablet but decided to wait for the OTA for the phone..

However the update kept failing to install and kept freezing at a black screen with the android mascot on it with a help full message 'Error'.

The problem finally was that I had modified my /etc/gps.conf file sometime back to improve the time it took to get a location fix. Restoring the file made the update work..

Take home.. Rooting the phone won't break updates but core file modifications will. Hope this helps someone !

Phone or tablet laggy after the Android lollipop update ?

If you are feeling a noticeable difference in responsiveness of your phone after the android l update, reboot your phone and go into recovery mode. 

Once in wipe the cache partition..

This should fix this !

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