Sunday, July 31, 2016

चिलटं / चिलंट - The most frustrating house Pest you can find

I decided to do this post as a SEO experiment as i was not able to find any content on the internet for trying to get rid of the flying pests - चिलटं/चिलंट that seem to dominate kitchens and gardens especially in the monsoons in India when things are very wet and humid.

From what i could find on the internet चिलटं/चिलंट seems to be closest to fruit flies which seem to be different than the typical house fly.

I'm looking for Photos of these. (These are super hard to photograph due to their size and tendency not to sit still at any point!) .

Please comment with links of Photos or English names for this if you know any.. And ofcourse means to trap or get rid of these !

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stuff to Backup when you are reinstalling your Linux OS

> Home Folder
> Desktop
> Downloads
> Music
> Pictures
> Templates
> Ubuntu One ( This is already on Cloud but backing up can save bandwidth)
> Videos
> VirtualBox Vms

>> If you want to save old settings, bookmarks etc, you will also have to backup the hidden folders in the home folder. Typically each piece of software you install will make its own '.hidden' folder for your personalised settings & in some cases data as well

If you use Apache & MYSQL, You'll want to also backup the /var/www folder & any mysql databases