First real brush with Linux

When we decided that it was time to evaluate various Linux flavors for deployment at our office, i started out with downloading the Mandriva One 2008 Live CD distro. Though not my first encounter with a Linux based OS, this one's been the most serious to date as i am seriously considering moving over completely to Linus Torvald's popular OS. In this series of blogs i will be trying to put together information that has been useful in using Mandriva or any other Linux flavor & anything that will be useful for those wanting to migrate from Windows.

What i plan to do over the coming few months is to use the following Linux flavours, get them setup with OS apps to match the Windows applications that i am used to using on it & test them for the best user experience, stability & all such stuff.

1. Mandriva
2. Ubuntu
3. OpenSuse

While i am at it i'll keep updating my progress & experience here.