Pyaaz Wali Chudail (प्याज वाली चुडैल) Videos

Last month i went for a cycling expedition in the Himalayas with YHAI ( A Post on that coming up soon) . Here are some hilarious videos we shot with MB 10( Our batch) Gang.

The Videos hover over the fictious character ( but was very very real to us though) The Pyaaz wali chudail ( Who apparently is a young Man Ashok suffering from Multiple personality Disorder -- but the News chanel anchor later discovers that the Chudail is the 'roop' of the great Almighty Rajanikant !

Pyaz wali Chudail is a spoof trying to highlight how various news channels sensationalise the most idiotic of issues.

Starring ::
Ashok as the Chudail & Ashok himself
Saumyata Singh as the reporter
Chittaranjan Savadi as Ashok's Mama
Ashish Mukherjee as the Doctor
Saravanan N as Chintu
Badrinarayanan K as Mintu
Sekar as Bablu

Parth Lawate on the Camera ( & the playback of the Chudails Voice)
Rifaye - Too bad he wasnt there when this was shot &
The villagers, one with the comments & laughs!
Aniket Nagle
Satyajit Jogleka
Ketaki Chhatre (A lot of comments & screams come from this lady )
Himangi Chhatre
Samyukta Somanshi

And of course the great Rajanikant as Almighty
. ( I am going to be forever cursed for saying his name :( . But you all had to know..)

So all of us present to you

Pyaz Wali Chudail

प्याज वाली चुडैल
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